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Reaping the Benefits.


Gardening is good therapy for the young and old. Those with Alzheimer’s disease benefit in many ways.

  • The eyes are exercised through visual scanning and seeing near and far.
  • People are motivated to walk, stop, bend, reach and maintain balance
  • It exercises hand, fingers, arms, and the upper body.
  • It gives mild to moderate exercise in coordination, strength,
    stamina and physical activity, when often nothing else will.
  • Enormous pleasure is experienced through the senses: seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting, and hearing.


  • The design enhances the exercise of orientation
  • Pleasant surroundings encourage a longer attention span.
  • It’s the perfect place to practice following simple directions.


  • Discussion about a common interest promotes interaction with others
  • The garden is an ideal setting for social activities:
    clubs, garden socials, special meals, cultural celebrations
    and birthday parties.

Memory GardenPsychological.

  • The setting provides a safe nurturing and familiar environment.
  • Tranquility relieves tension, frustration and aggression.
  • It can satisfy some of the needs to be nurturing and caring.
  • The garden is an easy place to gather with family and friends for emotional support.
  • It can serve as a personal sanctuary.

"No matter how agitated Mom was, once we arrived at the garden, she would calm down noticeably and start enjoying the flowers. Not having any relief from her care giving, this short time in the garden also gave me some much needed relaxing quiet time, knowing at the same time that Mom was safe and enjoying herself."

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Memory Garden

Memory Garden

Memory Garden